I started to pen down my thoughts on papers yesterday.


Why now?Why decide to open up my life to people I hardly know?

Life is love.
Love is life.
I only live this life this once and why can’t we be honest with ourselves and share my life with LIFE?

At age 7, I started my journal.

All my crazy thoughts, my dreams, my fear, my pain, my darkest moments, my good & my bad. I was hard on the outside but always soft in the inside.

I was not alone. I have this little black book, I hide below my pillow. Before I go to bed, I will pen down the deepest & the most honest words I can find & I will narrate my millions of ” IF ONLY”.

In my solitary, I found my deepest courage to speak my soulful words to HIM.

I seek to GOD’s forgiveness
I communicate with HIM nightly.

In 2009, I stopped talking to HIM.

I stopped praying, I stopped believing and I stopped living.

I STOPPED everything.

I switched off that button call ” LIFE”.

As years passes me by, I miss writing.
I miss papers with my hand writing on it.

I lost part of my truthfulness in words
I dare not speak out my feelings to anyone
I became a coward.
I became MUTE.

Everyday I experienced life in the most amazing ways
I narrate it thru my drawing and somehow i know something is missing.

My words.
My feelings
My life.
My love on HUMANITY

INSPIRATION of my life came from strangers.
People I don’t know.
People who loves me for the strangest ways.

Today, I will start writing.
I will share my artwork with words or a story behind my art.

Hopefully I find my path where I can focus on my life with more meaningful events and meeting even most incredible souls along the way.

No one is no one.
Someone will be someone.

From a no one, going to be a someone.

– love with my heart
Pamela Yee